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Think Promotional at the 2018 APPA Roadshow

Michael Promotional - Wednesday, March 28, 2018



Every business aims to provide Quality Service and Top-of-the-line Products or Services to be called a successful business? But really its a struggle to provide both. Some businesses can provide top customer service but sub standard products, or vise versa. You may have seen this with the promotional product industry; some offer great customer service, but when you receive the order, the branded pen breaks, or the promotional cup handle snaps off.

Here at Think Promotional, our team takes pride in our quality customer service and it is always our GOAL to provide our clients with top of the line products and services. To achieve this core value, we always participate in roadshows and exhibits to find only the best manufacturers in town and stay up to date with the latest trends and what works and what doesn’t. Here is a recap of our recent 2018 APPA Roadshow day out.


Emilia from our Perth office attended the recent yearly APPA Roadshow for 2018. 

Our office had received an exclusive invitation on the yearly APPA Roadshow and Emilia from our Perth office had the mission to find the treasure; the best manufacturers. What is APPA you say?

APPA or the "Australian Promotional Product Association" is the only professional industry trade organisation for the promotional marketing and promotional products industry. Being a member of this organisation gives our team here at Think Promotional the opportunity to sharpen our skills through events like these trade shows to meet new suppliers, strengthen current bussines relationships and learn about all the latest and new promotional products and trends entering Australia.

We asked Emilia of her thoughts about the roadshow and here's what she said:


"What I really like about these trade shows is that I am able to physically pick up and feel all the new promotional products that manufacturers and suppliers showcase. I am stickler for quality, so if the quality is not of a standard that I would personally buy for myself, then it allows me to class items and really educate my clients".

"We are not able to physically stock each item in house here in Perth, therefore by meeting new suppliers around Australia at these trade shows, we are able to bring their items on board and stock them at our nearest warehouse, allowing us to be very competitive with production and delivery times. I am excited and looking forward to going back to the team and showing them all new items and uploading them to our business website", she added. 


 Emilia together with one of our long-term supplier.

This 2018 event brought almost 50 new and current suppliers all together from various areas such as screen printing, promotional apparels, embroidery, corporate gifts, and more. She also had the chance to meet long-time partners which made the relationship between Think Promotional and them more intact.


Cheap Promotional Products - Is it really worth it?

Emilia Musgrave - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

One of the most common responses we receive when following up on quotes is "We have gone with a cheaper quote". Sure, we completely understand that in today's business world, price is a major factor. We would shop around too! But do you really want your organisation to be associated with a cheap throwaway that is most likely be thrown away in the bin? Your organisation has worked hard to establish its brand, so why risk it by saving a few bucks on promotional products? Cheap is not always the better option. After all, you are purchasing branded merchandise, not a new phone plan.

You may be thinking that you need to get your brand out to as many people as possible. So how can you accomplish this? You source out the cheapest products, giving you the opportunity to purchase a larger quantity, but without really pausing to think how this "cheaper" product can impact your brand. Price should never be the only deciding factor when purchasing promotional products. At the end of the day, the products that you choose are brand ambassadors of your organisation. Pick cheap promotional items, and this is how your organisation will be viewed.

Take the following two scenarios for example. You sit down and start writing your to-do list using a pen received from "XYZ Company". The pen falls apart and ink starts leaking everywhere. How do you perceive XYZ company now? Or its Christmas and you send out a cheap low cost ceramic mug to one of your top clients who spends thousands with you, as a Thank You gift.

That’s why here at Think Promotional, we work hard to understand our clients and their choice of a specific promotional item. You can think of us as an extension of your marketing department. We take that extra time to make sure the promotional product that you invest in not only looks great, but also takes your business to new heights. We don't just churn out promotional products. We help create a branded item that ties in with a bigger message for your business. This increases the value of your promotional product and brand, as people remember the story that goes along with your branded gift.

We are an Australian owned online promotional product company that distributes promotional products to business all over Australia. We are stickers for quality, so we only work with reputable local and international manufacturers who share the same quality as us. Even though we are predominantly online, you can still call either our Melbourne of Perth office and speak to a real person, if you need to.

If you have an event or expo coming up, or even looking at staff incentive ideas, why not speak to one of our friendly staff members and see how we can help create you a successful promotional product campaign.


Emilia Musgrave - Monday, July 04, 2016

From all of us here at Think Promotional, we would like to say a good 'ol Thank You for your support over 2015/2016. 

We were part of some pretty cool and unique projects from all over Australia ranging from new promotional merchandise for start up businesses to re branding of some major Australian companies. 

Keep an "ear" out for our July Promo Code to receive a 10% discount off all orders placed in the month of July. Simply enter this code in the "comments section" when placing an online enquiry. 

How to choose the right powerbank

Emilia Musgrave - Sunday, October 05, 2014

We’ve noticed that power banks are getting a lot of love from people in Australia. They’ve been a hot item on the Think Promotional website, and we can certainly see why this is the case.

What’s a power bank?

To get you up to speed, a ‘power bank’ is a device that charges your smart phone (or iPad or any other kind of tablet or mobile device) on the go. If your battery is running low, all you have to do is connect your phone or mobile device to the power bank and let it charge.

Why we love power banks?

  • They’re compact enough to carry in a handbag or briefcase.
  • If your phone battery depletes, you don’t need to worry about where and when your next charge will happen.
  • Most Aussie’s use their mobile phone for email, social media, entertainment, as a GPS, and (of course) to speak with people. They’re vital pieces of equipment, especially if you need to keep in touch with family, or stay connected during business hours.
  • Oh, and did we mention they can be branded with your logo and colours?

Branded power banks

Thinking up unique promotional gift ideas, that haven’t been done over and over again can be a challenge for even the most seasoned marketing pro. Ideally, you want something people will remember and find useful, so the cost of manufacturing is worth it.

This is why branded power banks are becoming an excellent corporate gift idea. Not only are they novel. But the person who receives it is unlikely to throw it away in a hurry. Why? Because they’re useful.

What kind of powerbank should I choose?

The kind of powerbank you choose will depend on what performance you expect, what budget you have and the battery capacity of your phone. Knowing which battery does what is the best place to start.

There are 2 kinds of batteries used in powerbanks

  • Lithium ion battery – also known as a 18650-lithium battery, these are cylindrical in shape and tend to be more affordable than their polymer counterparts. This is because they were one of the first powerbank batteries on the market. Powerbanks 001, 002 and 007 use a lithium ion battery.
  • Lithium polymer battery – this style of battery is manufactured with aluminium plastic casing. It is lighter in weight than the lithium ion battery and also has better performance and safety features. Because of this, lithium polymer powered powerbanks are a little more expensive. Click here to see one of our most popular lithium polymer powerbanks.

How do I know which battery size is right for me?

When choosing between the two, we recommend picking a powerbank that has, at the very least, the same battery capacity as the device you would like to charge. For example, if your iPhone has a 1440 mAh battery, your powerbank will need a 1440 mAh battery (at a minimum). We recommend heading to the manufacturer’s website to discover the capacity of your phone or device battery. If you’re buying powerbanks as a bulk promotional giveaway, you may prefer to choose one that is compatible with the most popular phone or device of the moment.

For more information about ordering branded powerbanks online, please contact our team

USB Drive Printing

Emilia Musgrave - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

People always ask me why does it takes 10 working days to manufacture USB Drives? Well here is a basic break down of what happens during those 10 working days 

Day 1: USB Drive order is placed and production is arranged 

Day 2: Prepare pre production sample for customer to approve (ie take photos and send it through for approval)

Day 3: Mass production is arranged upon approval of pre production sample 

Day 4 - Day 5: Assembling of printed cases with chipsets

Day 6-10: Shipping from production to client 

Did you know all our USB Flash Drive printing is done by hand - watch how we do it by clicking on the link below:

Happy Watching!

Emilia @ Think Promotional 

Embroidery Vs Screen Printing

Emilia Musgrave - Monday, July 07, 2014

A lot of people ask me when quoting on promotional t-shirts; embroidery or screen print - which one is cheaper and which one will give a better result?

Well, lets have a look:

Embroidery:logo is reproduced using different colour threads stitched directly onto your garment using a computerised embroidery machine. 

Firstly, your logo has to be “digitised” - this is a process where a computer program is used to instruct the embroidery machine what to stitch. This is a labour process which explains why there is a "digitise" fee shown in your quote. 

The cost to digitise or set up a logo for embroidery is a flat fee and is not dependant of how many colours are in the logo. This makes it more viable for small orders with multiple colours. 

What type of garment suits embroidery? From experience, we would suggest business shirts and corporate attire. This gives the shirt a more stylish look. 

Caps are another garment that is best matched with embroidery as there is generally a seam running down the middle of the cap. This is where we would naturally place a logo so if we screen printed a cap, there would be a vertical break within the logo. 

Screen PrintingA logo is reproduced using different coloured inks which are squeezed through mesh screens (or stencils) directly onto your garments. Your logo has to be separated into colours and a mesh screen (or stencil) is made for each colour in your logo. 

A shirt is loaded onto the machine and each colour is printed separately. So if a logo has 3 colours, then the shirt will be printed 3 times!

If you can see, if you have a 3 coloured logo, you will be charged 3 x set up fee. Having said this, the larger the order, the less impact a set up fee is. 

What type of garment suits screen printing? We would suggest any cotton type t-shirt as these have a smooth and soft surface, making these ideal for our printers. We can embroider cotton t-shirts however we have seen in the past that embroidered logos can start to "wrinkle" around the edges as the material is strung tightly. 

So long story short:

Embroidery is the best choice for the small orders of business shirts, polo shirts, jackets and headwear

Screen Printing is the best choice for larger orders of cotton t-shirts, hoodies, or any garment that has a large print area. 

Are you thinking? Well Think Promotional 

Emilia @ Think Promotional