Posted on: 10th August 2016 by Think Promotional

One of the most common responses we receive when following up on quotes is “We have gone with a cheaper quote”. Sure, we completely understand that in today’s business world, price is a major factor. We would shop around too! But do you really want your organisation to be associated with a cheap throwaway that is most likely be thrown away in the bin? Your organisation has worked hard to establish its brand, so why risk it by saving a few bucks on promotional products? Cheap is not always the better option. After all, you are purchasing branded merchandise, not a new phone plan.

You may be thinking that you need to get your brand out to as many people as possible. So how can you accomplish this? You source out the cheapest products, giving you the opportunity to purchase a larger quantity, but without really pausing to think how this “cheaper” product can impact your brand. Price should never be the only deciding factor when purchasing promotional products. At the end of the day, the products that you choose are brand ambassadors of your organisation. Pick cheap promotional items, and this is how your organisation will be viewed.

Take the following two scenarios for example. You sit down and start writing your to-do list using a pen received from “XYZ Company”. The pen falls apart and ink starts leaking everywhere. How do you perceive XYZ company now? Or its Christmas and you send out a cheap low cost ceramic mug to one of your top clients who spends thousands with you, as a Thank You gift.

That’s why here at Think Promotional, we work hard to understand our clients and their choice of a specific promotional item. You can think of us as an extension of your marketing department. We take that extra time to make sure the promotional product that you invest in not only looks great, but also takes your business to new heights. We don’t just churn out promotional products. We help create a branded item that ties in with a bigger message for your business. This increases the value of your promotional product and brand, as people remember the story that goes along with your branded gift.

We are an Australian owned online promotional product company that distributes promotional products to business all over Australia. We are stickers for quality, so we only work with reputable local and international manufacturers who share the same quality as us. Even though we are predominantly online, you can still call either our Melbourne of Perth office and speak to a real person, if you need to.

If you have an event or expo coming up, or even looking at staff incentive ideas, why not speak to one of our friendly staff members and see how we can help create you a successful promotional product campaign.

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