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A lot of people ask me when quoting on promotional t-shirts; embroidery or screen print – which one is cheaper and which one will give a better result?

Well, lets have a look:

Embroidery: A logo is reproduced using different colour threads stitched directly onto your garment using a computerised embroidery machine.

Firstly, your logo has to be “digitised” – this is a process where a computer program is used to instruct the embroidery machine what to stitch. This is a labour process which explains why there is a “digitise” fee shown in your quote.

The cost to digitise or set up a logo for embroidery is a flat fee and is not dependant of how many colours are in the logo. This makes it more viable for small orders with multiple colours.

What type of garment suits embroidery? From experience, we would suggest business shirts and corporate attire. This gives the shirt a more stylish look.

Caps are another garment that is best matched with embroidery as there is generally a seam running down the middle of the cap. This is where we would naturally place a logo so if we screen printed a cap, there would be a vertical break within the logo.

Screen Printing: A logo is reproduced using different coloured inks which are squeezed through mesh screens (or stencils) directly onto your garments. Your logo has to be separated into colours and a mesh screen (or stencil) is made for each colour in your logo.

A shirt is loaded onto the machine and each colour is printed separately. So if a logo has 3 colours, then the shirt will be printed 3 times!

If you can see, if you have a 3 coloured logo, you will be charged 3 x set up fee. Having said this, the larger the order, the less impact a set up fee is.

What type of garment suits screen printing? We would suggest any cotton type t-shirt as these have a smooth and soft surface, making these ideal for our printers. We can embroider cotton t-shirts however we have seen in the past that embroidered logos can start to “wrinkle” around the edges as the material is strung tightly.

So long story short:

Embroidery is the best choice for the small orders of business shirts, polo shirts, jackets and headwear

Screen Printing is the best choice for larger orders of cotton t-shirts, hoodies, or any garment that has a large print area.

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