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Promotional Power Banks

Branded Power Banks - AustraliaTake a look and see how many people have at least a mobile phone, tablet or other smart device in their hands. These devices are being used for more things these days which means they will require power after some time and a power outlet is usually not available everywhere you go.

A promotional power bank is a portable charger for any device and it is an absolute must-have product if you travel regularly. You need to be able to charge your devices if you want to fully utilize them on a single trip.

No matter who the person is, they will all own a device that will require re charging, and with a promotional power bank branded with your company logo, your logo or corporate message will be associated with “coming to the rescue” when the recipient finds their phone running low on battery at just the wrong moment.

The cost effective, yet practical branded power bank or charging devices are likely to stay close to your target audience, making these are great and value for money promotional product. A great item to use at your next expo or corporate gift.

THINK PROMOTIONAL supply promotional power banks all over Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

RULE OF THUMB when choosing the right power bank for your project, determine what the power banks will be used for.  For example, if you only need to recharge mobile phones, then power banks up to 3000mah will suit. For multiple charges of other products,  we suggest power banks from 7000mah.

iPhone Battery Capacity: 1440mah

Samsung Galaxy: 3000mah

Ipad: 6600mah

****The Techy Bit!**

Mobile phones need a certain amount of power to fully charge, this is measured in mAh which stands for “milli Amp hour”. This is the unit of measure used to show the storage capacity of a battery. A iPhone 5 battery has a storage capacity of around 1440 mAh, our Cylinder & Stick promotional power banks such as PB 001 or PB 002 can store up to 2800 mAh, which will provide your iPhone 5 with a full charge and a bit to spare. Promotional Power Banks take around 3-4 hours to recharge, so remember to plug them in once they have run out of power.  All our power banks  come supplied with a selection of USB cables to allow connection to your phone and to recharge from a USB port.

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