Posted on: 28th March 2018 by Think Promotional

Every business aims to provide Quality Service and Top-of-the-line Products or Servicesto be called a successful business? But really its a struggle to provide both. Some businesses can provide top customer service but sub standard products, or vise versa. You may have seen this with the promotional product industry; some offer great customer service, but when you receive the order, the branded pen breaks, or the promotional cup handle snaps off.

Here at Think Promotional, our team takes pride in our quality customer service and it is always our GOAL to provide our clients with top of the line products and services. To achieve this core value, we always participate in roadshows and exhibits to find only the best manufacturers in town and stay up to date with the latest trends and what works and what doesn’t. Here is a recap of our recent 2018 APPA Roadshow day out.

Emilia from our Perth office attended the recent yearly APPA Roadshow for 2018.

Our office had received an exclusive invitation on the yearly APPA Roadshow and Emilia from our Perth office had the mission to find the treasure; the best manufacturers. What is APPA you say?

APPA or the “Australian Promotional Product Association” is the only professional industry trade organisation for the promotional marketing and promotional products industry. Being a member of this organisation gives our team here at Think Promotional the opportunity to sharpen our skills through events like these trade shows to meet new suppliers, strengthen current bussines relationships and learn about all the latest and new promotional products and trends entering Australia.

We asked Emilia of her thoughts about the roadshow and here’s what she said:

“What I really like about these trade shows is that I am able to physically pick up and feel all the new promotional products that manufacturers and suppliers showcase. I am stickler for quality, so if the quality is not of a standard that I would personally buy for myself, then it allows me to class items and really educate my clients”.

“We are not able to physically stock each item in house here in Perth, therefore by meeting new suppliers around Australia at these trade shows, we are able to bring their items on board and stock them at our nearest warehouse, allowing us to be very competitive with production and delivery times. I am excited and looking forward to going back to the team and showing them all new items and uploading them to our business website”, she added.

 Emilia together with one of our long-term supplier.

This 2018 event brought almost 50 new and current suppliers all together from various areas such as screen printing, promotional apparels, embroidery, corporate gifts, and more. She also had the chance to meet long-time partners which made the relationship between Think Promotional and them more intact.

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